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Gives Children a voice


Gives children

a voice ...

Peacepainting organizes Painting-Workshops with the topics of Peace and Democracy for children, who can then express their feelings and emotions without any words needed.

Within the frame of a Cooperation-Project of three Leader Regions, it is possible for us to offer these Workshops in the South of Upper Austria for free.

The children tell us important messages concerning the topics of Peace and Democracy. For the children to be taken seriously, the Paintings are shown in exhibitions and are given to important persons from politics TV, Sports or Entertainment. 




In the course of a Ski-Trip with friends in March 2016 in Norway, our Project initiator Hannes Stockhammer heard about Peacepainting for the first time. Their host Grethe Stave told them that she was part of the Painting-Project, which deals with Peace and Democracy.

Peacepainting is a Project from the Norwegian founder Catrine Gansto, where Workshops already found place not only in Norway but also in many other countries all over the world. 

When Mrs. Grethe Stave asked if this Project might also be something for the children in Austria - the Austrian Peacepainting stone finally rolled. 

We organize Painting Workshops and make it possible that children can express themselves without any language





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